Quick programming note for those of you out there who use Google Apps and are ticked off that Google+ was previously unusable with your existing account. Google VP Vic Gundotra has just announced that Google+ customers can finally join the much-talked-about and quickly-adopted social network.

Apps customers will be able to access Google+ the same way as “regular” users, and the same features will be available. An added benefit will be the ability to share within an organization, which is essentially a created circle for your business or school. Otherwise, the same hangouts, sparks, circles, and so on will be available.

The only difference for Apps customers is that an organization administrator must manually enable the feature or be one of the Apps customers who have selected to automatically enable new services. The roll-out will take place of the next few days. If you use Google Apps for a small business or are an administrator, an explanation is available here.

But what if you already used Google+ with a personal Gmail account? Well, Google’s in the process of rolling out a migration tool that will automatically repopulate circles and “merge your connections” in a few weeks. Read more about this update at the Google Enterprise Blog.

Be sure to read our detailed walkthrough of the major features added to Google Plus last month. You can then click the button below to get started on Google+ for Android.

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