Let us take a moment to pour out a little liquor for our old friend Google Buzz. The original social network upstart from Google debuted in February 2010, but it stumbled out the gate and never found its footing against Facebook or Twitter. Now that Google has a much more promising future with Google Plus, the folks in Mountain View have opted to leave Buzz behind for good.

Google VP Brad Horowitz just confirmed that Buzz will be shutting down in a few weeks. Horowitz credited Buzz for teaching Google a lot about how users want to interact online, but ultimately, the time has come to put “that learning to work every day in our vision for products like Google+” according to Horowitz’s post on the official Google blog.

So here’s what happens next:

  • Buzz will stop accepting new submissions, however, users will be able to read their posts through Google+ and download the data through Google Takeout
  • The Buzz API will be closed, meaning 3rd-party apps like Seesmic that supported it, will no longer have tht function
  • The world will keep on spinning

Today’s announcement is no surprise. Buzz failed to gain any sort of major traction following embarrassing privacy blunders when the service first launched. Google responded quickly, but it was too little, too late. Buzz continued to have strong support among a very small audience, but many of those folks have since migrated to Google Plus. And though Google remained vague about what would happen in the wake of Plus’s early success, the company’s intentions became clear when a recent version of Google Maps removed the Buzz layer.

Farewell, Google Buzz. We hardly knew ye. Literally.

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