It may be a bit early to start talking about this. And with all the Ice Cream Sandwich and Nexus hype, many of you probably don’t want to worry about it yet. Nevertheless, Google has announced the dates for the 2012 Google I/O. The event will be held in San Francisco and is scheduled for April 24-25.

We still cannot predict what will come from next year’s Google I/O, but it is Google’s biggest yearly event covering everything related to the Search Giant. With Android as the strongest smartphone OS in the world, we’ll surely be covering some exciting smartphone news. Google TV will also be featured. Who knows, maybe we’ll hear about the Android version coming after Ice Cream Sandwich?

Those who’d like to attend the event will have to compete against every developer and tech reporter out there. This year tickets were sold out in less than an hour. It can only be expected that the next conference will see much fiercer competition. Prices are still not announced, but we would assume they’ll be quite similar to this year’s. In 2011, registration cost between $ 450-$ 550, depending on the date. So be ready to pay at least that much.

Who’s planning to go to Google I/O? You’d better be ready to sign up right when registration opens. What do you guys think we could be seeing in terms of the Android platform?

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