The Android platform has been evolving rapidly, and Google keeps growing with its many services and products. These are two of the main reasons why Google I/O has become one of the biggest events in the tech industry. Last year, tickets sold out in less than an hour, and things are becoming quite difficult for our fellow coders. We definitely expect this Google I/O 2012 to be a huge event as well.

Google knows this event is very important for developers and has decided to extend the event by one day. The event will now last three days (instead of two), so attendees will be able to spend more time learning what makes the Google world spin.

Sadly, though, this extension comes with a bit of a down side. Those who are eagerly waiting for next year’s Google I/O will have to wait a bit longer. Google I/O usually takes place in April, but this has also been changed. Next year’s Google developer conference has been pushed a couple months back. Next year’s event is scheduled for June 27-29, so get ready to see what is to come. This is Google’s advice:

In the meantime, be sure to brush up on your coding skills. They’ll come in handy when the new application process opens in February. That’s all we can tell you for now, but we’d advise against making travel arrangements until then.Monica TranGoogle Inc.

The event will still be held in San Francisco, CA, at the Moscone Center. There ya go, guys. Get ready for some coding awesomeness (and free stuff!). What do you guys think we could see at next year’s Google I/O? Maybe Android’s next version, Jelly Bean?

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