A fresh design brings color, identity to an otherwise bland Keep

Google’s endeavor into note taking, Keep, is receiving an update today that changes the interface and adds a few new features. The most notable change after updating will be a blindingly-bright yellow bar across the top of the interface, bringing Keep a bit more identity so it no longer looks like such a generic Google app. The redesign also brings a full-featured slide-in bar, adding trash, feedback and help options to the bar along with an account switcher, removing the “settings” option altogether.

There are just a few new features here as well, and they’re quite useful. Keep will now do character recognition for printed text in images, and that information is now searchable within the app (much like we’re used to in Evernote). There are also new settings for lists so that you can control where new or checked items go when you interact with them. A new “trash” item lets you delete notes but still access them for a while longer, just incase you need to come back to an old note.

As always the update for Google Keep is rolling out slowly. We’re seeing it on a few of our devices but not others (and some are being updated with an old change log)— you’ll know you have it when you launch Keep and there’s a bright blue “what’s new” box in the app.


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