Google launches Android Design guidelines so developers make better looking Ice Cream Sandwich apps

Google is taking more steps to make Android have a more consistent look and feel. Following recent announcements that all manufacturers Google-certified devices must have the Holo theme present in their devices, the Android team has launched a new website full of style guidelines and best practices to make apps travel down a similar path.

Android Design guides users from the “Creative Vision” phase and all the way down to the implementation phase of building a user interface. The site is a comprehensive style guide that touches on areas like designing for a range of devices, using themes, fonts, colors, icons, and patterns. The site also includes assets to download and tweak to improve performance.

The new site is part of Google’s mission to enhance the look of Android apps, making them “simpler and more beautiful than ever before” in the process. We all know that there are some fugly apps out there, but that’s often because those particular apps are ported from iOS, by programmers without a sense for UI, or by designers with bad taste. AndroidDesign aims wants to help those developers make Android look and function better with design tips.

These are tips, however. Users are not required to use these conventions, Matias Duarte said during a Q&A session with The Verge. More information will be released soon, but developers can head to Android Design and begin learning the best ways to design their apps.

Note: These guidelines are for building for Ice Cream Sandwich. A few guides are about bringing similar conventions to previous phones, but this guide is meant to create a new standard for Android 4.0 and the OS going forward.

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