The latest version of Google Maps for Android takes the typically outdoor science of mapping and brings it indoors. Google Maps 6.0 provides floor plans for select buildings in the United States and Japan. So when someone searches for Atlanta International Airport and sees a blue-dot on the area, that person can zoom in on the map and automatically see a detailed layout of the terminal. The user will see where to find Chic-Fil-A and which direction to take to get to the appropriate gate. Should that person go to another floor/level, the map will automatically update and adjust.

Google has so far partnered with a number international airports and retaiers in the United States and Puerto Rico. It also supports a number of shopping districts, airports, and rail stations in Japan. Google has posted a complete list of the places where Indoor Maps are supported. There’s even a function that allows users to submit a floor plan to Google.

Android 2.2 or higher is required to use indoor maps. Android 2.1+ is required for the other new features in Google Maps 6.0. Those features include yet another redesign for Places, which now has a homescreen within Google Maps, and a new method for switching between map modes and features within Maps. There’s now a drop-down menu tool bar to jump from or to Map, Places, Navigation, Latitude, History, or My Places.


via Google

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