A couple of the more immediately-noticeable changes that the update to Android 4.4 brought with it are the changes to the status and navigation bars. Both became more transparent, and the status bar icons for things like signal strength, time and battery all turned white. Apparently Google may have some more UI tweaks in the works, as a new rumor claims that the company is prepping some new app icons for its Android apps.


According to Android Police, Google is working on new icons for its Android apps that will more closely resemble the icons used for its web apps. Known internally as “Moonshine,” apps like Play Music, YouTube, Gmail and more will reportedly be madeover with a new, more flat look with hard shadows. Some colors may also be tweaked slightly.

It’s not known yet if the icons shown in today’s leak are final designs or not, so it’s possible that they could be altered even further before they actually ship to consumers, if they do at all. That said, we’ve seen many smartphone manufacturers and app developers adopt flat designs as of late, and I wouldn’t be surprised if Google did the same, especially with the way that it’s simplified Android’s UI with transparent bars and white icons recently.

Are you a fan of these leaked Google app icons?

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