Google Music Blowout: $  4.99 albums and 49-cent songs

Music lovers in the United States can get to work populating their new Google Music library now that Google has started a limited-time sale on practically the entire catalogue. Beginning today and running for an undisclosed period, the Google Music store in the Android Market has many of your favorite albums – new and old – on sale for just $ 4.99. And if you only want a few songs here and there, you can grab them for 49 cents each.

The Music Blowout Sale excludes double albums and singles that originally cost more than $ 1.29, but that still leaves “over half a million albums for $ 4.99 and over 10 million tracks for 49¢,” according to the announcement page. After a quick scan, practically every album that I came across is on sale.  That includes classics from artists like Bob Marley and Nirvana, as well as new releases from Coldplay, Drake, Jason Aldean, Lady Antebellum, Lady Gaga, Rhianna, and more.

If you’ve wanted to build your music collection on the cheap, now’s a good time to start. I’ve only purchased a few albums through Google Music because the prices were higher than Amazon, but I doubt any music retailer has better prices than what’s being offered at the moment. Visit the Android Market Music section and start browsing to see for yourself.

And if you’ve never purchased music through Google before, the process is actually very simple. I’m assuming that’s why Google is having this sale. The 10 billion app promo dropped prices and inspired people to set-up purchasing for Android apps; maybe this might do the same for music.

[ Android Market ] via TalkAndroid

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