There’s a problem with the daily deal trend, aside from the allegedly horrible return on investment for merchants – a lot of sale items aren’t very desirable or appealing to a larger audience. A person can only drink so many pots of coffee, get so many massages, or eat at a nice Tibetan restaurant so many times before the deals offered become repetitive and useless. That’s the problem Groupon and LivingSocial users face, but it’s one that may not be as big of an issue for Google Offers members.

Google announced today that it is adding 14 additional partners to its deal-hunting Google Offers service. In addition to its efforts to get more diverse offers and expand the categories of deals, Google will display specials and promotions from other services. Without having to track and join these many sites, Offers will provide a single account and access point for Dealfind, DoodleDeals, Gilt City, GolfNow, HomeRun, Juice in the City, kgbdeals,Mamapedia, Plum District, PopSugar Shop, ReachDeals, Schwaggle, TIPPR and zoos.

Offers will also get better at supplying promotions that best suit someone’s interest by having users send signals about what type of deals they wish to see. For instance, today’s Offer for Miami is a huge sale on glasses at an online retailer. My current pair is old, crooked and dingy, so I’ll be purchasing the deal, but it’s worthless to someone with 20/20 vision. The “personalization quiz” let’s users check or uncheck offers from several categories to avoid that issue. Potential deals include music events, performing arts tickets, restaurants and bakeries, sporting events, health services, spas and beauty, travel, and much more. It then gets even more focused by showing a map where users highlight where they work, live, and hangout.

Visit from a desktop to provide the information for more targeted offers. You’ll then be able to see these deals when using the Google Shopper application. And unsurprisingly, Google has confirmed that the DealMap acquisition we wrote about previously “helped make this happen.”


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