Just last week, we wrote about Google adding 14 new partners to its Offers service, and providing filters that can lead to more targeted and relevant deals for individual consumers. Google has decided that keeping track of those deals online or with the Google Shopper app wasn’t enough and decided to release an official Offers app available now. (United States only, Android 2.1 or higher required.)

Google Offers is a fairly to-the-point app for anyone using Google’s deals service. Users login and see a featured deal from Google or one of the just-announced partners, a countdown clock showing how much time is remaining until the offer expires, and a description that provides further details about availability, rules, and product information. Offer can be purchased directly within the app, where they are then stored for future redemption. The “My Offers” section shows which deals you have purchased, saved, used, or are expiring. They can also be redeemed within the app.

There’s also a listing of 41 U.S. cities and neighborhoods of which users can subscribe to get deals. At the moment I’m in Orlando and seeing deals for this area, but I can also subscribe to my hometown of Miami or any other city with offers available.

Follow the install button below to get a download link to the Android Market. Learn more about Offers here.

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