It’s essentially a free month and a half of base Google One storage.

What you need to know

  • Google One is Google’s paid storage subscription service.
  • The company is now offering users of its service a $ 5 reward voucher.
  • This can be redeemed across all of Google’s Play enabled devices to purchase apps, books, movies, and games.

If you have a Google One subscription, you would do well to check your email. A nice surprise might just be waiting there for you.
Google is now offering users of the Google One service a free $ 5 voucher. The voucher can be redeemed across all Google Play enabled devices to purchase apps, games, books or movies.

If you’re unsure what Google One is, it is essentially the relatively new branding for Google Drive paid plans. For Android users, being a Google One subscriber offers more robust backup and restore options. You can customize what gets backed up from one central location, and you can also back up MMS, a feature that’s not present on the default Android backup set up.

Google One starts off at $ 2.99 a month for a 200GB boost to your Drive storage and goes all the way up to $ 299.99 for 30TB because you never know when you’ll run out of storage.

Google One: Everything you need to know

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