Design falls in line with other recent Google apps while adding a few new features

Wednesdays are turning in to “Google app update” days, and the second one of today (behind Keep) is Google Play Movies & TV. The update is making the same interface changes here as we have seen on other recent Google apps, with an all-encompassing slide-in navigation bar that brings the “settings” and “help & feedback” options out of the overflow menu button and to the side bar. There’s also a now-standard account switcher for moving between your multiple Google accounts at the top of the bar as well.

While the full changelog isn’t yet available, we can tell that there’s a new way to scrub through playback of TV shows and movies with swipes on the screen rather than the traditional timeline. You can swipe forward and back on the content to move in 10-second intervals, or swipe and hold to rewind or fast forward continuously until you let go. These are some nice changes that are a great companion to the recently-announced Google Play Movies & TV expansion to new countries.


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