Google just made it much easier to buy stuff from the Play Store while you’re on the go.

Google has launched a mobile web version of the Play Store, giving users a much more smartphone-friendly way to buy content and devices. As you can see in the screenshots above, the store features a slide-out navigation menu that offers access to all parts of the store, including the Devices section. Users can buy apps, devices and all kinds of content, all within the comfort of their mobile browser.

This mobile version of the Play Store is a nice addition by Google. While it may seem kind of weird at first, this store lets users on platforms other than Android easily purchase goodies from Google Play. Plus, as Android Police points out, it also allows you to buy devices, which is one thing that you can’t do with the Google Play app on Android.

Just in case you’re curious what the mobile Play Store looks like on an iOS device, you can check out screenshots of that below. When you’re ready to check it out for yourself, simply fire up your browser of choice and hit up Google Play!


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