If you took a survey of Android fans asking what their favorite day of the week is, I bet that many would answer “Wednesday.” And that’s not because they can go around saying “Uh-oh, guess what day it is.” No, it’s because Wednesday is the day that Google often releases updates to its Android apps.

So far today, Google has rolled out new versions of two of its apps. The first is Google Search, which has received a new Parking Location card for Google Now. Just as you’d expect, this card attempts to save the location of your parked car so that you can easily find it again. Google says that the card uses your device’s sensors to know when you leave a moving vehicle. The card will show up if driving is set as your main mode of transportation.

In addition to the Parking Location card, Google Search has a new Reminders UI that offers a better arrangement of previous reminders as well as a new list of nicknames that can be found in the Accounts & Privacy section of the app. Finally, Google has consolidated the app’s “Help” and “Send feedback” sections into one menu called “Help & feedback.”


The second Google app that’s receiving an update today is Google Play Games. The big new feature of this update is a redesigned slide-out navigation bar that replaces the old “My Activity” section with a linked profile picture of the user. Google has also added notifications for gifts and requests and has renamed the “Matches” section to “Inbox.”

These Google Search and Google Play Games look like nice updates that make them both more attractive and easier to use. The biggest new feature is likely the Parking Location card, which ought to make it easier to locate your parked car than having to remember that you parked in the Itchy lot.

These updates will roll out to users over the coming days. If you’re feeling impatient and don’t mind doing a little sideloading, the folks at Android Police have APKs available for download.

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