Google Image Search looks a little different today. That’s because Google has just announced that its user interface has been changed to be more tablet-friendly. Yes, they’ve done that already, but the latest version makes Image Search even tablet-friendlier.

When users search for a phrase on, they’ll see larger thumbnails and a continuous scroll of results, so users will never have to deal with tapping from one page to another. Just continuing swiping until you find the right image. Once that happens, tap on a thumbnail and a pop-up will show the title of the image, where it’s from, pixel size, and provide a link to similar images.

Image Search also has a nice feature that allows users to swipe left or right if they want to keep browsing to the next photo rather than going back to the thumbnails view. It’s a nice change that’s more about a gallery than you’ll find on a desktop. And should you want to save an image or see the website associated with it, just tap the link directly below that result.

An Android tablet is required to see this new interface. Keep in mind that if you have changed the UA string of your tablet to desktop, you’ll have to put it back to Android in order for the changes to appear. It should be available now in 40 languages according to Google. Here’s a video showing the new UI in action.


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