Well, that was quick. Google today on its GTV blog announced the Android 3.0 update for its smart TV platform. This news comes days after we noticed a peculiar feature in the Flixster update, which showed support for Google TV 2.0.

The new release features a “TV & Movies” app for browsing shows and movies from your channel lineup, Netflix, YouTube, Amazon, and more. Also, YouTube video streaming is better than ever with an enhanced Google TV experience and deeper integration.

On its blog, the search giant said it focused on four areas of user feedback:

  • A simpler user interface, with a customizable home screen.
  • Finding content becomes easier. TV and movies get their own search, whether they’re on Netflix, YouTube, Amazon, cable, satellite, etc.
  • Improved YouTube experience. Leanback was just the beginning. It’s now been integrated even deeper.
  • Apps. Finally, the Android Market comes to Google TV. You won’t initally have the full breadth of the market on Google TV apps that require a touchscreen, GPS or telephony won’t show, so that pares things down quite a bit — but Google says it has 50 developers already lined up.

Google wanted to reassure users (or networks) that it wants contribute to this evolution of consumers being able to access their favorite shows by enabling new content creators to add to the programming you already enjoy on your TV.

“It’s not about replicating what’s on TV to the Web. It’s about bringing millions of new channels to your TV from the next generation of creators, application developers, and networks.”

I can’t wait to test drive this bad boy when the update gets pushed out sometime next week. Now that Google has finally added the long-awaited GTV 2.0 update, will it make you run to your nearest Best Buy retail store and purchase one?

Source: Google


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