Google updates Chrome to Phone & Docs to improve appearance, fix bugs

Google has updated two of its most useful but rarely mentioned applications. Both Google Docs and Chrome to Phone have been updated to address long-standing issues and improve the day-to-day use of each app.

In the case of Docs, Google has added automatic updating of offline files when a user goes on Wi-Fi. So if a user is updating a document and somehow gets disconnected, the app will automatically save and upload the latest version to Docs once Wi-Fi is reestablished. Users can manually update over 3G/4G by tapping the “Update” button in the offline file list view.

Docs was also updated to look better when reading on a tablet. Honeycomb+ tablet users will now see a “high-resolution version of the document” when reading a GDoc. Similar to the option available when reading an ebook, users can swipe left and right or move a dial along to get to a certain page. Standard formatting and embedded images are preserved.

Download Google Docs

Google also made a few tiny changes to the Chrome to Phone UI. The app finally supports landscape view, and the buttons and icons have been changed to better fall in line with the ICS look (except fro the same C2P banner at the top). Those are just minor changes, however. What’s really important is that Google fixed a bug that previous crashed when trying to copy text from the Chrome browser on the desktop to the clipboard on an Android phone. Users who previously complained of that problem should now be able to send links, Google Maps, and text from their computer to phone or tablet without issue now. The Chrome to Phone extension, or the Fox to Phone for Firefox, is required for the app to work.

Download Chrome to Phone

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