Now that the Android 4.0 SDK is available, we’ll have tons of hackers tearing up the latest release searching for even more goodies hidden within the code. You could spend your time installing the emulator and playing with it yourself or you could just turn to Android engineer Dan Morrill for a quick cheat-sheet that he shared on Google+.

Here are some of Dan’s favorite new Android 4.0 features not covered in the launch demo:

  • Updated Settings:  We’ve seriously revamped the Settings screen organization. Items are arranged much better now, and it’s easier and usually requires fewer actions to find what you’re looking for.
  • Disabling Apps:  ICS adds the ability to disable an app outright. Don’t like an app that came preinstalled? Disable it! Its resources never run and its launcher icon is gone until you re-enable it. (This doesn’t free up any space — it can’t, since pre-installed apps are included in the read-only system storage. But it does put them “out of sight, out of mind”).

Android 4.0

  • Camera Controls:  The camera controls have been redesigned and are easier to find and mess around with.
  • Improved Download Manager:  It looks better and is easier to find and use and to see and clear any downloads you might have.
  • Support for Encryption for Phones:  Honeycomb added full-device encryption, but ICS brings it to phones.
  • Audio Effects:  There’s a new audio effects API. Nuff said, really. 🙂
Find any other cool Android 4.0 features that haven’t been widely reported? Just send us a tip or leave a comment and we can update our list.

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