A single network could span across cities, states and even countries

A rumored Google initiative to provide local businesses with inexpensive Wifi access points now makes a little more sense, as new details show that Google plans to create a large cloud-connected single Wifi network. Jumping off of a report by The Information yesterday, Gigaom has new information on Google’s plans to outfit small businesses with Wifi routers that would connect into a single network spanning across states and even countries. Partnering with Ruckus, a well-known wireless infrastructure company, Google is planning to distribute special wireless routers to small businesses that can be centrally managed in the cloud, rather than on-premises.

The routers, which would be installed in businesses using its current internet connection, would link up to create a network that would in theory span across states, countries and even continents. The ability to do this hinges on routers from Ruckus and new Hotspot 2.0 technology. Once a user logged into one router, the device would then be registered and available to automatically connect to any other router in the cloud-managed network. Think of it working like your saved home Wifi network does, but in various locations.

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