Sure, Microsoft wants the whole world to convert to its Windows Phone 7 phones, but it’s smart enough to know that the company still needs to keep fans of its Xbox 360 gaming console happy, too. Microsoft threw those users a bone with the release of Halo Waypoint, a new companion app for Halo: Reach players with Android 2.2 or higher.

Halo Waypoint is “the official app for all things Halo on your Android phone” according to Microsoft. The app provides a mobile look at Waypoint Career progress, stats, game history, and campaign progress from Halo: Reach. Gamers can also connect with their friends by creating custom challenges and then invite their friends to play. Challenges can be centered on game type, goals, time limit, or score amount.

Waypoint also has ATLAS to assist Reach players. The Assisted Tactical Assault System offers “near-real-time” data that should better-inform strategy. ATLAS shows where weapons, vehicles, health packs, and teammates are located. It also has information on current scores and what weapons are being used by teammates.

Grab the app now if you’re a Halo: Reach combat nut. Here’s a hands-on demo from the folks at Microsoft and Brady Games showing off what ATLAS can do.

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