Smartphones can now do pretty much anything you want, but what if you could have the power of Android mounted in the dashboard of your car? Yes, we’ve seen solutions from Parot and other OEMs which have Android-powered, in-dash, car audio systems, but none of them have been too impressive since no one has been able to deliver a UI which is intuitive and simple enough for consumers to use. This year LG unveiled the new Chevy MyLink at CES which marries a Windows CE powered in-dash 7-inch (800 x 480) entertainment unit with your favorite smartphone. The LG made MyLink to be paired via Bluetooth with Android, iOS and BlackBerry devices and run apps which have been updated to work specifically with the in-dash unit.

For now, there are only two Android applications which are compatible with the MyLink but we should see quite a few more pop up once the unit is made available in Q1 on Chevy cars across the country. While LG is the manufacturer of the device, Chevy will have complete control over which applications are approved with MyLink since certain DOT regulations must be taken into account. LG does not yet know what Chevy will be charging for the MyLink, but we can’t imagine it will be cheap. The one thing that automotive manufacturers are really good at is charging consumers 3-5 times more for electronic add-ons than what the devices are actually worth. The Chevy MyLink may not be the true Android experience that many of us would like to see in our vehicles, but we’re excited to see a large company like LG offer up a product like this which can take advantage of the advanced funtionality found in our Android-powered phones.

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