Mirasol display

Want another sneak peek of Qualcomm’s next-generation display technology that promises to extend battery life like never before? Nicole Scott of Netbooknews recently met up with Qualcomm’s Cheryl Goodman who gave her a tour of the Kyobo e-reader, the first Android device to feature a Mirasol display.

I’ve already covered the Kyobo e-reader and Mirasol display technology, so I won’t dive into those again, but take a few minutes to watch the video below and then hit up the source link for the full report.

The current Mirasol displays can only do 40 frames per second (Kyobo is capped at 30 fps), but we expect future generations of the display tech to handle full HD video with higher frame count and better color reproduction. Expect to see Mirasol displays in more Android devices like tablets and smartphones in the second half of 2012.

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