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Greetings, distinguished Android Central Reader. (Yeah, we’re giving you the benefit of the doubt.) We’re working on a kick-ass new feature and want a little feedback.

So this is a call for your feedback. We’re building a new section on the site for comparing Android phones. The idea is to give you a better experience when narrowing down your choice of what phone to get next.

The full version will be interactive so you will be able to swap the phones out and expand on the feature set below.

Please take a minute to help us create a better experience and comment below with the answers to the following questions:

  • What phone do you own right now?
  • Does this format convey the important information – enough to make a purchase decision?
  • After reading through this page is it clear to you which of these 3 phones is the best one?
  • Would you buy one of the 3 phones based on the information on this page?

Have we missed something? We’d love to get your suggestions.

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