Working from home can be great, assuming you approach it the right way. Whether your new job is 100% remote or your company is shifting to remote work as a temporary thing, having a good office desk is essential to staying productive and having an enjoyable workday. If you’re shopping for a new desk, there are a plethora of excellent ones out there that are selling for shockingly low prices. Here are a few of our favorites!

Our favorite

FURINNO Econ Multipurpose Desk

Staff Pick

We’re happy to recommend any of the desks on this list, but if we were to pick one as the best overall, it’d have to be the FURINNO Econ Multipurpose Desk. We’ll mention FURINNO a few times today, but the Econ desk stands out for a few reasons. It’s offered in a ton of different finishes, there’s a slide-out drawer for your keyboard, and the various platforms/surfaces give you ample ways to organize your gear. We also love the included cubby on the bottom!

From $ 45 at Amazon

Keep it simple

SHW Home Office Large Desk

If you’d rather have something a bit more simple, you can’t go wrong with this desk from SHW. You won’t find any drawers or cubbies here. Instead, it’s just a flat 55-inch surface of workspace for you to use however you see fit. The steel frame allows it to be nice and stable, there are two grommets to keep your various cords orderly, and assembly should be quite simple. You can get it in Espresso, Cherry, Grey, or Walnut — all of which look fantastic.

$ 90 at Amazon

Tuck it in the corner

SHW L-Shaped Home Office Corner Desk

SHW makes a few different desks, another one of which is this L-shaped option. The desk comes in Espresso and Walnut colors, with the L design allowing for two 51-inch surfaces to do all of your work. That’s a lot of room, so the fact that you’re getting so much at this price is rather remarkable. We’re big fans of the included cable organizer, open shelves for storing books/binders, and easy assembly.

From $ 93 at Amazon

As cheap as it gets

FURINNO Efficient Computer Desk

All of the desks we’re talking about come with competitive price tags, but if you’re trying your very hardest to spend as little as possible, you can’t ignore the FURINNO Efficient Computer Desk. This isn’t the most impressive desk around, but for how little you’re paying, it’s an incredible value. It’s compact enough to easily fit in just about any room, has a few different shelves for storing all of your goodies, and FURINNO has a multitude of finishes available.

$ 30 at Amazon

Lots of cabinet space


Depending on the kind of job you have, you might need a desk that allows you to easily store a bunch of files and paperwork. If that’s the case, INTERGREAT’s desk fits the bill nicely. It comes with two drawers that offer ample storage space, making it possible to keep everything tucked away without compromising your organization. The top of the desk has scratch-resistant tempered glass for a premium look/feel and the 46-inch surface should be plenty for most folks.

$ 160 at Amazon

A style for everyone

Tribesigns Modern L-Shaped Desk

Going back to L-shaped desks for a second, another one we’d love to shine the spotlight on is this desk that Tribesigns is selling. We really dig Tribesigns’ design, which features a bevel edge angle for corner section, rounded corners, and a built-in footrest with adjustable leg pads. There are plenty of colors/finishes for you to browse through, and Tribesigns even includes a free rolling station for your desktop — allowing you to keep it close by without scratching your floor.

From $ 133 at Amazon

Compact wonder

FURINNO Jaya Computer Study Desk

Going back to FURINNO yet again, the company’s Jaya desk is another one that stands out as an excellent choice for shoppers that are on a budget. The compact design makes it a smart choice for people that are limited on space, but you still get plenty of room to work. In addition to the main desk portion, you’ll also find four shelves that can be used for storage or showcasing accent pieces. Overall, it’s an excellent bang-for-your-buck.

$ 36 at Amazon

Industrial design

Flash Furniture Clifton Computer Desk

Another small and simple desk that’s worth a look is the Flash Furniture Clifton Computer Desk. Right off the bat, the thing that catches our eye the most is the industrial design. The emphasis on metal for the design is a very distinct look, and it’s one we think is quite nice. There are a total of three surfaces to work with, Flash Furniture has Black and White colors available, and the price is right. In other words, it’s definitely worth checking out.

From $ 52 at Amazon

No tools required

Convenience Concepts Modern Desk

Last but certainly not least, let’s talk about the Convenience Concepts Modern Desk. This is a pretty straightforward desk, but the execution is top-notch. Convenience Concepts has a myriad of finishes available, each one giving the desk a very distinct appearance. Storage is aplenty, including the main 47.25-inch desk, a section below that for storage, and four shelves for whatever else you have. The kicker? The entire thing can be assembled without any tools.

From $ 75 at Amazon

Love working from home without spending a ton of cash

Working from home doesn’t have to be stressful. In fact, if you have the right gear, it can be very enjoyable. A good desk is essential to this, and if you want one that’s easy on the old wallet, the FURINNO Econ Multipurpose Desk is an easy buy.

When it comes to budget office desks, this one has it all. It’s relatively compact, has plenty of workspace, and convenient storage options. Thanks to the various colors/finishes FURINNO offers, you can find one that works perfectly with your home decor.

Should you need more room to stay on top of your game, another great choice is the SHW L-Shaped Home Office Corner Desk. This might be overkill for some of you, but for others, the added real-estate will be just what you need to work in an efficient and productive manner.

Finally, we want to once again mention the Convenience Concepts Modern Desk. Not only does the desk look great while offering tons of storage, but the fact that you can install it without having to mess with any tools is a dream come true.

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