We all tend to loathe those emergency alerts that pop up on our phones from time to time — AMBER Alerts, weather alerts … you know the drill. That is, we loathe them until we miss them. See, not every smartphone supports Wireless Emergency Alerts still. We’ll save why for another time.

Overnight I went from worrying whether a tornado was headed my way to wondering if it was every going to stop raining. And while my phone didn’t once fire off that horrible klaxon and start buzzing to let me know of imminent danger, I wasn’t totally in the dark. Google Now also handles emergency weather alerts. Perhaps not with the same sort of urgency, but they do show up in the notification area. (And I’ve got Google Search — and thus Google Now — turned on in Pebble Notifier, so they occasionally would show on my Pebble, too.)

It’s not perfect. I wouldn’t rely on it to warn me of an imminent threat. But it’s certainly better than nothing. And it’s one more reason you should give Google Now a shot if you haven’t already.

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