Get a Kindle Oasis at a more affordable price during Prime Day.

If you’ve been considering purchasing an e-reader for the first time, or you’re thinking of upgrading your current one, you should seriously consider the Kindle Oasis. As Amazon’s premium reading tablet it provides the best resolution among any other Kindle device.

Tablet reader

Kindle Oasis

Bring a book everywhere

This beautiful display has the best resolution of any other Kindle device to date. It’s waterproof, and the battery life runs for weeks at a time so you won’t have to recharge it constantly. If you’re a Prime Member, you’ll also have access to thousands of books, magazines, and other titles.

It’s even waterproof with an IPX8 rating, meaning, you can read it while on a boat, when sitting in a jacuzzi, or even when taking a bath without having to worry too much about water damage. The screen is pushed to one side making it easier for you to hold the device in one hand. Need to switch hands? Flip it around and have the other arm take a turn.

There are two versions of this device, one has the capacity for 8GB of storage while the more expensive version can hold 32GB and is ideal for avid readers. Both are respectively on sale for $ 175 for 8GB or $ 200 for 32GB until the end of the day. What’s more, both versions have a glare-free screen so you can use it anywhere without casting harmful reflections into your face. If your eyes need a rest simply pair your favorite Bluetooth headphones to the device and listen to your book using Audible.

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