At any given gathering, there are dozens of camera phones capturing moments and recording videos. Each person and clip provides a different angle or element worth sharing, but it’s too time-consuming to view and edit them into one package that everyone can enjoy. HighlightCam Social, a new app available in the Android Market, removes the legwork and automatically creates captivating video using the very clips that you and your friends and family have recorded.

HighlightCam Social uses artificial intelligence to scan video clips and discover which parts of the video make for good footage. According to CEO Robert Neivert, who gave me a demo of the app recently, HighlightCam’s AI can “measure emotional content of the video itself.” Neivert uses the example of the app intelligently editing the footage captured from a youth football game.

“There’s a big difference between a touchdown and shots of the crowd while you’re waiting for the game to begin. In a soccer game, we can generally pick out the goal from every game. It’s not 100 percent, but it’s pretty accurate.”

HighlightCam takes on the role of professional editor and smartly choose not only which clips to include, but which styles and transitions to incorporate. The “social” part of the name comes into play because aside from having quick sharing to social networks, the app can actually import video from authorized users to include in your movie. So if my sister-in-law and brother also record video at Christmas this year, HighlightCam allows me to include the clips that they have authorized for sharing in my video.

The creative process is incredibly simple and can be completed in 3 to 15 minutes.

Step 1: Create a movie and select with photos and videos to include. Users can manually select special effects to look like 300 or Tron color tinting and mood (it actually has the fast and slow-motion-like effects from 300 in the “Sparta” effect.)

HighlightCam then takes signals on what type of clips to focus on. Users can say focus people, action, voice, or mix all three together.

Step 2: Include a music track if you’d like, or just finalize the video so it renders and is made available for sharing. HighlightCam shares to Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube easily.

Step 3: Browse the feed, HighlightCam’s insular network. This is where users share their created videos, adds comments or additional information to clips, and download the raw footage to use a friend’s video in their own creation.

During my testing, HighlightCam fulfilled its promise to create interesting videos without requiring extended time splicing video. It was simple, quick, and reasonably accurate in selecting the portions of video that I would have wanted to include. It’s available for anyone looking to make more exciting home videos, and “no one needs to be a production wizard to use it,” says Neivert.

Download HighlightCam Social from the Android Market. Android 2.2 or higher is required.

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