How to turn your Windows 7 desktop into an Ice Cream Sandwich treat in ten (not so) simple steps

Ever since we first laid eyes on Android Ice Cream Sandwich’s look, we fell in love hopeless and completely, which is why we are craving for an Android 4.0 gadget of our own. But what if you could have that simple and elegant ICS look on your Windows 7 desktop right now, without the need to purchasing the Asus Transformer Prime or a device of its kind?

I know it sounds impossible in theory, but with the help of Flickr user David Molina and the guys at, you can now do just that pretty easy. Well, it’s not exactly easy, as you will need no less than ten apps and components to get to the final cool look that you can see below, but it’s doable nevertheless.

The first thing you need is an Ice Cream Sandwich wallpaper, which can be downloaded from WallBase. Secondly, you will have to tweak the taskbar with the APPOWS2010 theme for Windows 7 from DeviantArt, and then you are only eight steps away from mixing the Android 4.0 simplicity with the Win7 functionality.

I’m not going to walk you through every step of this delicate operation, but if you are interested and/or intrigued by the pic below, you can hit this article’s source link and get all the instructions you need.

I myself don’t think I’m going to go through with this whole process and operation, even though I am a big fan of ICS’s look, for one simple reason. I’m lazy as heck and don’t want to install and download ten different apps and components!

What about you, are you tempted to go through with it (and diligent enough?) or aren’t you as impressed as I am with the desktop combining Android 4.0 and Windows 7 shown below?


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