Very few devices have seen the kind of life the HTC HD2 has. The ultimate hackers dream phone was originally released in November of 2009, with Windows Mobile 6.5. Since then, it has been modded to run Windows Phone 7, Android 2.x and Meego among others. And it’s not going to stop yet.

Just released a couple of days back, an AOSP Ice Cream Sandwich ROM for the HTC HD2 has been put up for download. It’s not entirely perfect yet, but it’s impressively close considering how long it took to be released. USB mass storage, the camera and hardware acceleration are among the few things not working yet, but everything else seems to be in good shape.

I’m not sure how many people still use an HD2 these days, but the fact that hackers and developers have kept this device relevant for over two years now is just plain astonishing. To get a look at Android 4.0 on the HTC HD2 in action, check out the video below. To all the die-hard HD2 owners still out there, congratulations on beating every US carrier and manufacturer to the punch. You deserve it.

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