HTC is undoubtedly thinking about 2012. This year was great, but next year shows more potential with quad-core processors, Ice Cream Sandwich and even better technology on the horizon. Companies will have to step up their game, especially with Windows 8 tablets entering the arena.

The tablet market is not exactly the surest way to turn a profit right now. These devices are still considered a bit of a luxury, and many users cannot justify spending $ 500 on a device that can more or less do the same as a smartphone. That’s why HTC has focused mostly on smartphones.

The build quality HTC brings to the table is undeniably outstanding. These devices are usually very well built with some of the best specs in the market (up there with Samsung and Motorola). HTC’s Peter Chou stated that they believe in only manufacturing quality devices. Sure, such smartphones will be more expensive, but people are willing to pay extra for premium quality.

Customers are willing to pay more, that’s why we have grown nearly five times in China this year. It shows that customers support our philosophy.Peter ChouHTC

As busy as the company has been with smartphones, HTC has not been very active in the tablet world, at least not compared to other manufacturers. HTC launched only the HTC Flyer and the HTC Jetstream, while companies like Samsung released a plethora of tablets.

Peter Chou said that the tablet market is something they’re still keeping an eye on. He mentioned that HTC plans to release a tablet in 2012. With so many tablets fighting for your money, though, it’s necessary to make new devices a bit more alluring. HTC’s tablet would need to differentiate itself from the crowd, not be another “me too” product.

Tablet is a market we would like to try and test, to see whether we can make ourselves stand out and prevent a me-too product.Peter ChouHTC

In the midst of Apple‘s lawsuits, HTC has managed to do a great job keeping us satisfied. This is a battle we do not see ending soon, but things are definitely getting better. HTC will keep an “open mind” about patent acquisitions, and eventually the bullying should stop.

HTC’s plan is to continue to make premium smartphones, as well as tablets (even if they are very few). Their product quality and innovation is always a plus. Even though “cheap” devices are great for the entry-level smartphone/Android users, HTC’s commitment to quality and being “different” is definitely something to admire.

We expect some great devices coming to CES, so let’s stay tuned and see what HTC (and the others) has to offer. What do you guys think? Will HTC have a good year in 2012? Do you agree that they should keep a mid- to high-end lineup?

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