Comparing HTC to the competition is like ‘comparing a Rolex to a Timex’

HTC Americas president Jason Mackenzie spent 4 minutes talking on CNBC’s Fast Money this afternoon. While he didn’t have much to say about the leaks or any legal action against for the leakers — “We never comment on rumors and speculation” — he did have a lot to say about how HTC is intent on delivering great products to help regain some of the market that has slipped away from them.

According to Mackenzie, HTC knows that their customers appreciate products that are ahead of their time and have great design language. He even went as far as comparing HTC’s products to Rolex watches, while the competition is more like a Timex. He went on to say that the HTC One franchise has a strong brand presence, will have great support from carriers and retailers, and thinks they have a “strong plan” to make the next flagship — no, the HTC One 2014 was not mentioned by name — a great success.

OK, so we really didn’t hear anything we already didn’t know. But if you’re a fan of mobile, it’s always fun to watch these sort of things. You’ll find the video embedded after the break, or you can watch it at the source link below.

Source: CNBC


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