We only have a few short weeks before HTC is expected to announce its 2012 lineup at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, but someone thought it would be funny to introduce a few new code names into our vocabulary just to keep us on our toes. According to PocketNow, the HTC Edge should now be referred to as the HTC Endeavor. But if you’re not too fond of that name, you could always call it the HTC Supreme, which is expected to be the handset’s real name once it is unveiled and hits store shelves. Of course, don’t expect that name make it to the US market since our service providers love to muck things up by completely ditching HTC’s naming conventions.

To recap, we’re expecting HTC to announce a quad-core Tegra 3 powered handset at Mobile World Congress that will probably be named the Edge, Endeavor or Supreme. Personally, I’d name the phone the HTC Edge since the Endeavor is a bit vague and Supreme would certainly leave me disappointed once HTC launches its fall lineup, which will most likely include something named the Supreme XE or XL. What do you think HTC’s Tegra 3 powered phone should be named?

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