HTC One (M8) owners, rejoice! HTC is now pushing out an update to HTC Gallery that allows adjustment of UFocus intensity. This has been an oft-requested feature as UFocus often goes a little overboard on the bokeh, leaving you wishing that you could tone it down. This is now possible with a slider bar allowing you to choose how much bokeh you want. On behalf of all One (M8) owners, thank you, HTC.

Additionally, devices with Sense 6 are getting a couple of new features that don’t require the Duo Camera. Sense 6 devices can now use the Dimension Plus and Pan 360 features. Dimension Plus adds a minor 3D effect to your photos, allowing you to tilt them slightly, while Pan 360 is HTC’s version of PhotoSphere that arguably works better than PhotoSphere. The update also includes “improvements” that most likely include bug fixes and performance tweaks, as everything seems a bit snappier.

Are you happy with the features that the update brings? What other features would you like to see added?


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