Here at Android and Me, we’ve already gone over global Q3 shipping figures in several different posts. To sum it all up, Samsung is the world leader in smartphone shipments, followed by Apple and Nokia. But what about when it comes to each individual country?

The US market is a totally different beast compared to the rest of the world. Where CDMA and two-year contracts rule supreme, the US is just now ending a long period of playing catch-up with just about everyone else. Even the lead smartphone manufacturers in the US are different. Despite Samsung leading the globe in smartphone shipments, they didn’t take the number one spot in the US. HTC did.

During the third quarter in the US, HTC shipped 5.7 million smartphones. You can even add an extra 70,000 to that number for devices under the T-Mobile brand. Samsung wasn’t far behind with 4.9 million, and Apple was also close with 4.6 million, but Palo Alto based analyst Chris Jones said it best:

However you count it, HTC has become a deserved leader in the US smart phone market. This is an awesome achievement for HTC, which has built a premium brand in a highly competitive market in just a few short years. It now has a strong range of 4G Android products, with devices ranged by each of the major carriers, and offers some of the most compelling and differentiated products found on the platform today.Chris JonesCanalys

Thanks to HTC and Samsung, Android now has an impressive 70% of the pie when it comes to platform share in the US. As Canalys points out, this next month is going to be a big test for Android. Customers who bought the original Droid (largely regraded as one of the most popular Android handsets of all time) will finally be near the end of their contract. Those couple million users looking for new smartphones could make a big difference by the end of Q4. But that’s a different story, for a different day.

For now, it’s HTC’s time to shine. Do you have a favorite HTC phone? Maybe a memory you’d like to share? Let it all out in the comments below.

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