Despite cutting some of the M8’s headline features, HTC’s latest miniature is a competent all-rounder with plenty to offer

In case you hadn’t been paying attention, smartphones are getting bigger. In 2014, a 5-inch display is seen as the minimum for serious contenders in the high-end Android world. We’ve even reached the point where Apple is rumored — finally — to be joining the big-screen club later this year.

It’s clear that the market wants (or at least expects) smartphones with gigantic screens. And the side effect of ballooning screen sizes is that phones are getting to be larger than many of us can comfortably hold in one hand. Hence the arrival of “mini” versions of popular Android flagships in recent years.

This year’s HTC miniature, the clumsily-named but surprisingly compelling HTC One Mini 2, is still intended to hit a price point a couple of tiers below its big brother, the One M8. As we’ve discovered over the past two weeks, though, that doesn’t mean you’ll settle for an underwhelming user experience, despite the lack of certain headline M8 features like Motion Launch and the Duo Camera.

The HTC One Mini 2 isn’t quite the true M8 Mini some of us were hoping for, but it’s a great little phone regardless. The real question is how it’ll match up the to older Android flagships now crowding around its launch price, not least of which is HTC’s own One M7.

Read on to find out how the HTC One Mini 2 shapes up, as we give it the full Android Central review treatment.

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