The HTC Rhyme is exactly what it isn’t. Due to his color choices, promotional materials, and clip-onto-your-purse accessories, people naturally assume that this is a smartphone made for women. However, HTC has steadfastly denied that was its intention when creating the Rhyme, saying that this is designed for users who want the benefits of the technology without having to interact with it directly. In other words, this is a simplified take on modern smartphone technology that adds polish to Android. But men love polish, too. Is this phone truly good enough for everyone?


Let’s establish something from the jump: the HTC Rhyme is not a serious choice for anyone who pays attention to the specs of high-powered devices. It doesn’t have a big screen, dual-core processor, NFC, or even compatibility with Verizon’s rapidly-growing and fast 4G LTE network. But the Rhyme really is a beautiful specimen for someone who wants a good phone. In a sea of incredibly large screens and devices, the Rhyme clocks-in at a refreshing 3.7-inch screen with a unibody design. Even in my meaty man hands, the phone is a joy to hold and pretty in the purple-like hue that HTC calls “plum.” The single-core 1 GHz processor could have been spruced-up to future-proof itself, but it is more than capable when teamed with 1 GB of available storage (4 GB total) and 768 RAM.

No, the insides of the Rhyme don’t stack up with most of the newer phones released, but it ranks higher in the looks and accessories department. The Rhyme comes with a special dock that charges the phone and switches to a media mode. The dock become a photo slideshow viewer, music player, calendar event lister, and alarm clock.

More interesting is the “Charm” that alerts users to new calls and messages. The charm plugs into the 3.5mm headphone jack, clips to a handbag, and then lights up to alert users. (Sure, HTC, this isn’t a device for women.) This feature makes it easier to locate a phone and fits in nicely with the plum-colored earbuds.

As for battery life, allow me to share a story with you. I recently went to watch my nephews play Pop Warner football and left the house at 7 AM with a slightly less than full charge. I spent most of the day snapping photos of their games, recording video every now and then, reading and posting to Google+ and Twitter, and reading Pulse here and there. Despite frequent use throughout the day, the Rhyme didn’t drop to a 15% battery warning until just after 7 PM. I’d reckon that the 1600 mAh battery gets the job done as well as one would expect.

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