With the US retail launch of the Samsung Galaxy S5 just a few hours away, HTC is going on the offensive. A leaked training document intended for thousands of sales reps working at service providers in the US highlights the “Top 5 reasons why the HTC One (M8) is better than the Samsung Galaxy S5.” The document doesn’t compare the two phones spec for spec, but it does zero in on a few of the features which do make the HTC One (M8) a better choice for those who want a premium smartphone experience.

Samsung will probably be punching back quite hard with a multi-million dollar marketing campaign kickoff in the next few days which could easily drown out HTC is its marketing push. On paper, the Samsung Galaxy S5 has a few features which make the phone stand out, but it’s hard to know if the general public really wants a phone with a heart rate monitor and fingerprint scanner.

Motion Gestures, BoomSound and the exquisitely crafted aluminum unibody shell of the HTC One (M8) are extremely compelling selling points, but it’s hard to know if retail sales reps will take the bait and push HTC’s flagship over Samsung’s.





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