We like games, and we like to be able to afford games. Sometimes purchasing game after game can burn a hole in your pocket. Humble Bundle has been a great solution for affordable gaming before. But this is the first time Humble Bundle has hit the Android platform.

The bundle offers 3 (4 if you pay more) cross-platform games. This means you could play the games directly from your Windows (via Steam), Mac or Linux computer. And you can choose how much you pay for them.

The included games are Anomaly, Osmos and Edge. If you pay more than the “average” you also get World of Goo. The average is currently at about $ 5.27. It will be going up, so hurry up and get it while it’s still cheap!

  • Anomaly: This game was recently released, so it’s definitely a good deal. It’s basically a “tower offense” game, where you fight through a field against enemy towers.
  • Osmos: This is a very peaceful and relaxing game. The new age music soothes you into the zone. As a molecule, your objective is to become bigger by absorbing smaller molecules and avoiding bigger ones. (Highly recommended by Taylor).
  • Edge: This game is a bit of a trip. You basically navigate a cube in an animated field. The field moves and changes as the game gets more complicated.
  • World of Goo: Most of you probably know this one by now. It’s a bit of a surreal physics/building puzzle game. You can use globs of goo to build all sorts of things, like bridges, structures and even cannon balls.

Not only is this an affordable bundle for all the gamers out there, but customers would also be helping out with Child’s Play Charity. When purchasing, you have the option to divide your payment as you wish between the developers, charity and what they call a “Humble Tip.” Humble Tips go straight to Humble Bundle, Inc.

Not only can you name your own price, but you can divide your payment to most benefit whoever you see fit. If you’re looking to purchase some games for your spare time, this deal is quite the no-brainer. Go ahead and purchase the bundle straight from their site, and try to support with whatever you can!

Who’s getting this Humble Bundle? Have you guys enjoyed these deals before? Let us know what you think, and excuse me, as I will be playing these games for a while.

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