Television is one of the most popular sources of entertainment, so it makes sense that people would seek a way to incorporate that into their beloved Android phones. Television fans have a wealth of choices that do just that, and i.TV has put in its bid to be the best Android TV app.

i.TV has the backbone of what every good TV app must have – a channel guide saying what’s on and what’s showing later (United States and Canada). The app links with local cable and satellite providers to showcase the broadcast schedule and add reminders for scheduling a TiVo DVR to record those shows. i.TV then extends the viewing options by providing descriptions for each episode and linking with Netflix as a second option to watch a great show. In the event that you only watch a select group of shows, the app also supports favorites.

Extension is a major theme of i.TV. The app doesn’t merely just say that Glee is on at 9 PM this Wednesday. It also pulls in news stories from entertainment shows to provide a preview about an important feature of that upcoming episode or the behind-the-scenes drama between star Lea Michelle and the show’s producers. And if you have no idea who Lea Michelle is, you can get a link to the Details tab that finds noteworthy information about the show. i.TV links to IMDb and Wikipedia, so it should be no trouble seeing a star’s resume or learn more about the history of Doctor Who and Torchwood. And remember when I said that it shows when a show is on Netflix? You can actually link the app with your account and add shows or episodes directly to your Instant streaming or DVD queue.

The appearance of i.TV isn’t as attractive as its iPhone counterpart, but it provides a great deal of information in an efficient manner. I am someone who does most of his television watching on-demand or with live sports programming, so I appreciate the multiple broadcast listing that i.TV provides. The app could do well to provide category listings (Comedy, Sports, Movies, etc.) and set reminders when a must-see show is starting, the latter being a major oversight that other TV apps offer. However if you’re always looking for something to watch and previous apps we’ve covered fail to be your Android TV Guide, perhaps you need a little i in your TV life.


  • Link with Netflix to add shows to your streaming queue, connects to TiVo
  • Bookmark favorite shows for easy access
  • Special listings for award winners, staff picks, and most favorited shows

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