A simple case that will protect your new GS5 but won’t get in the way


As much a we often want to use a phone case to express ourselves and add a bit of flare to our devices, sometimes you just need a simple and effective piece of protection for your new purchase. If you’ve recently picked up a Galaxy S5, Incipio has you covered with its Feather Ultra Thin case. There aren’t any fancy bells and whistles here, or unnecessary design flourishes, but the Feather Ultra Thin case covers every vulnerable piece of your Galaxy S5 with a nice bit of soft touch plastic.

The case feels great while giving you an extra bit of grip, and best of all it doesn’t get in the way of the way you’d use your phone without a case. There’s enough material there to keep the sides and back of your Galaxy S5 from picking up the daily wear-and-tear of tossing it on tables and maybe dropping it a few times — and for most people that’s all you want or need in a case.

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