Interface refresh lets the app scale well on devices with a range of screen sizes

It’s been a while since we’ve seen a major update to Instagram, but an update slated to be released today is going to give the photography app a fresh look and improved performance. The main focus is under-the-hood peformance — Instagram says that the profile screen will load twice as fast in the latest version, and the app itself is now half the size after optimizing.

“In taking time to polish our designs, we’ve worked to make sure that Instagram feels native and at home on any Android device.”

On the design side, Instagram is working to make the app easier to use on devices of nearly any size with some smart interface choices. Often-used buttons will be easier to reach on devices with larger screens, but interface chrome won’t take up too much room on lower-end devices with small screens. The app will remain familiar to anyone who has spent time in Instagram before, but with some appreciable improvements.

Instagram version 5.1 will be available today in Google Play, although at the time of posting it isn’t live just yet. Keep an eye on the Play Store listing at the link above to get it as soon as possible.

Source: Instagram


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