gmail on iOS and Android

Rut ro, Raggy. The iOS — and therefore the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch — just got itself a native Gmail app, straight from Google itself.  That means proper Gmail on iOS, in its own application, and not though the iOS mail app with IMAP. Guess that means the end of Android, right?

Not so much.

The app itself isn’t horrible. But neither does it feel like an Android or iOS application. It’s in a weird in-between place. It’s got push notifications, but you have to pull to refresh (on the other hand, the Android version doesn’t do that — it has a refresh button). You can get to your labels via a nice slide-out section on the left — just like the Android version.

But the five-minute version is this: The addition of a Gmail app on iOS is a plus for iPhone and iPad users, and it’s not likely steal users away all by itself.

Note that Google’s pulled the app from the Apple App Store to fix a few bugs.

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