Is the Samsung Galaxy Nexus finally coming to T-Mobile?

There are four major phone carriers in the United States right now and the competition grows stronger and stronger each year. The Samsung Galaxy Nexus is of course one of the most important ‘’weapons’’ of this competition right now, being considered by many as one of the best smartphones today and by some even the best.

The first two carriers to have gained an advantage in the eyes of the public with the Galaxy Nexus are Verizon Wireless and Sprint, but according to a rumor, T-Mobile is finally getting ready to enter the game. This would be a strategic and intelligent move from TMO, especially considering that Sprint has only announced the smartphone, but is yet to release it for real. has picked up a leaked T-Mobile document (at least, they claim it’s a T-Mobile paper) preparing the release of a mysterious ‘’Samsung SGH-T999’’ smartphone. Even though we have no way to be sure that this is in fact the Galaxy Nexus, the said phone is set to feature a 1280 x 720 pixels resolution screen (like the Nexus).

Also, there were rumors a while back that T-Mobile and AT & T are expected to make a move soon towards the Galaxy Nexus, so there’s a good chance that the phone will be made available for T-Mobile clients in the near future.

While some of you might have already purchased the Nexus from Verizon, I’m sure that there are many technology enthusiasts out there that are waiting for T-Mobile’s offering, a carrier known for its very affordable plans.

Well, for those of you who are waiting, I can’t promise a thing right now, but if you stay tuned on Androinica, you will be the first to find out if this rumor will turn into reality soon enough. Keep in touch and hit us with a comment below if you have any theories of your own regarding the Galaxy Nexus’ imminent release.


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