IT Crowd-inspired boot animation available for your Galaxy Nexus

Boot animations rarely garner much attention from me. Since I changed ROM’s so often on my EVO, I stopped caring about the animations seen when a phone powers on. Heck, I haven’t even rooted my Galaxy Nexus yet!

But every now and then, I come across something that gets me thinking of boot animations. The latest event to catch my eye is an animation based on The IT Crowd, a British comedy TV show about two lovable IT workers and the head of their department who knows practically nothing about computers. (Check Netflix and fall in love with the show.) Androinica reader and fellow IT Crowd fan Jeremy made a simple animation of the show’s opening credits and shared it with us on Google+, so now we’re passing it along to you.

The animation is a simple clip of two stars of the show hacking away (literally) at a computer. There’s a video clip at of the animation at the source link, so you can see the smile-inducing clip. Jeremy also sent over a download link to 1280 x 720 resolution animation in case anyone wants to load it up on their phone. A readme file is included with instructions.

Like we always say in all matters concerning root, modifying, and tinkering with your phone, you perform these tasks at your own risk. Follow Jeremy on Google+ and say hi if you want to get older versions that may be compatible with other phones.

[Google+] Thanks, Jeremy!

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