Gotta love development for affordable tablets! The Amazon Kindle Fire is great, but at that price point it’s missing many of the features more expensive tablets have. Due to Amazon’s business plan, one of the missing features happens to be Google Apps. This includes the Android Market, as well as all other Google applications, like Gmail, Maps, Books, YouTube, Talk, etc.

Kindle Fire

If you’ve been missing Google’s services, there’s now a solution for your brand new Kindle Fire. The fine gentlemen at XDA Developers have figured out a way to install Google Apps on the Amazon Kindle Fire.

This will only work for rooted users. It didn’t take long to get root access, either; it was achieved yesterday. If you’re willing to root your device, simply follow this tutorial[1], and you’ll be ready to install Google Apps.

Also, you may have heard that Amazon Video streaming does not work after rooting the Kindle Fire[2]. This is true, and it is something you may want to consider if you wish to go this route. There is a solution, though. It’s very simple to unroot your device using the same app mentioned in the rooting tutorial posted above. SuperOneClick will unroot your device in just a few seconds.

Either way, if you have decided to go the rooting route and want that Android Market in your device, simply head to XDA Developers’ site and follow their step-by-step guide for getting Google Apps on your Kindle Fire. It literally takes only minutes, and with the Android Market on-board, this tablet has just gone from awesome to amazing.

Nook Tablet

As for Barnes & Noble’s Nook tablet, it’s actually pretty simple to install the Amazon App Store. You can sideload apps into the device, so all you need to do is enable unknown sources for installation, run the Amazon App Store .apk file, and you’re good to go. It’s that easy.

Are you guys installing Google Apps on your Kindle Fire or the Amazon App Store on your Nook Tablet? Let us know how it goes!


  1. Via XDA Developers
  2. Via Phandroid

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