Koush’s Tether Alpha adds USB tethering WITHOUT requiring root or tether plan

Around these parts, we’re big fans of Koushik Data, a CyanogenMod team member and developer of great Android things like ROM Manager and Clockwork Mod. Unlike the previously mentioned features, the latest innovation from “Koush” doesn’t require root.

ClockworkMod Tether is an alpha application that enables wireless tethering on Android devices. The difference between this and most other solutions is that it:

1 – Doesn’t require the phone to be rooted

2 – Doesn’t require a monthly tethering plan from your carrier

3 – Will supposedly not be detectable by carriers thanks to a workaround to be implemented

In his Google+ post announcing the app, which is still in testing and seeking constructive feedback on issues that you may run into, Koush says ClockworkMod Tether “should work with any carrier and phone, and is not blockable or detectable by carriers.” To get started, user only need download and run a Mac, Linux, or Windows application. The desktop client is required to function, and will initiate set-up on both the computer and phone.

Download links are available at Koush’s Google+ post. I just tested on a Mac OSX laptop on a non-rooted Galaxy Nexus and it worked without a hitch. Start-up was a little slow, but I was soon browsing the web. The tethering app, which is not final, even provides a running clock to warn users how much data they are downloading and uploading while tethering. (Your normal data caps will still apply.)

[Google+] via Reddit

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