We’ve known for quite some time now that the Galaxy Nexus is coming to Verizon, but it has been difficult to tie down the exact release date. The most popular rumored launch had been around November 17, but others had suggested the US might not see the device until after Black Friday. Now it appears Verizon might launch the Galaxy Nexus on November 21 for $ 299 with a two-year contract, thanks to a pair of leaks over the weekend.

The latest date comes from Kellen of Droid-Life who posted a list of upcoming product launches for Verizon. The document he shared reveals that the Galaxy Nexus will see a web-only launch on November 21. Verizon might not initially sell the device in stores, but it should be available from big-box retailers, similar to what we saw for the Nexus S launch.

I expect Best Buy will play a role in the Galaxy Nexus launch, and Android Central posted a leak that shows Costco should be selling the device as well for $ 289 on contact. We don’t know if that price is for the 16GB or 32GB version of the Galaxy Nexus, but it’s in line with the other high-end LTE devices that Verizon has been selling for $ 299.

We’re still unsure if the US will see a GSM version of the Galaxy Nexus that would operate on AT&T and T-Mobile, but we’re only 10 days away from the UK launch. Hopefully more details are on the way. How many out there would be willing to switch carriers (to Verizon) in order to be the first wave of people with the Galaxy Nexus?

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