Two new Chromebook options with industry-standard specs and prices

After taking its first shot at Chromebooks with education-focused models earlier this year, Lenovo is ready to jump into the general consumer market with the N20 and N20p Chromebooks. As far as specs go, these two laptops are seemingly cut from the same cloth as others on the market. We’re looking at 11.6-inch 1366 x 768 displays, Intel Celeron (but Haswell, mind you) processors, “up to” 16GB of storage and “up to” 4GB of RAM. (We’re going to assume there will be different SKUs with more storage/memory down the road.)

There are two USB ports, an HDMI port, SDcard slot, Bluetooth 4.0 and 802.11ac Wifi, so that’s a plus, along with an “oversized” trackpad and full-featured keyboard. In terms of both design and internal components both models seem nearly identical, with one simple difference — the N20p offers a 10-point touchscreen display and a swiveling hinge that lets you fold the screen back into a “stand mode” for viewing and touch-only apps. The N20p is also a touch heavier at 3.1lbs while the N20 is just 2.8lbs — both still a bit heavy for 11-inch class laptops.

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