Our first look at the photographic capabilities of LG’s flagship G3 smartphone

With 24 hours of LG G3 usage under our belt, we’ve had just enough time to get to grips with the phone’s camera — a 13-megapixel optically-stabilized shooter with a faster laser-powered autofocus. LG is one of the few manufacturers using OIS as a major point of differentiation, and with high-end smartphones increasingly competing on focus times, LG’s updated AF system brings something new to the table. A fun aside — according to LG’s head of smartphone planning, Dr. Ramchan Woo, the autofocus tech draws on LG’s expertise in other areas, having been adapted from laser-based sensors in LG’s robot vacuum cleaners.

Enough about lasers and robots for the moment, though. The G3’s main camera is a 13-megapixel unit, the same size (and pixel size) as the G2, however LG tells us the sensor itself is more advanced than last year’s model. What’s more, the G3 has grown “OIS+,” and the new stabilization system with a wider angle of compensation than its predecessor. Meanwhile the front-facing camera has been revamped, with larger pixels on its sensor, for better low-light performance.

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